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ASEAN Free Trade Area: AFTA
      •AFTA is established since the development of inter-trade expansion is highly required, especially in the free trade area where the Common Effective Preferential Tariff or CEPT is applied.
      •There are currently 10 members namely, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Lao PDR., Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar.
Current Situation    
          (1) Coordinating Committee on the Implementation of the CEPT Scheme for AFTA: CCCA
     •Cooperating with the Office of Agricultural Economics and related departments in Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives to consider the Tariff Rate Quota: TRQ on agricultural products, and to consider Thailand’s reactions in CCCA meeting. . 
     •Meeting with CCCA committee to consider the expansion of agricultural markets under AFTA framework.
         (2) Operational committee on tariff restructure planning for Free Trade
     •Cooperating with Fiscal Policy Office (National AFTA Unit) and related units to:
- consider goods and grant new ASEAN members AISP.
- update goods  that cannot be urgently reduced the tariff before 2007 (Negative Lists: NL), and within the determined time, the member countries can restrict not more than 15 % of total goods that is under  9 essential group and in the negative lists (NL).    
         (3) Senior Economic Official Meeting: SEOM
    •Considering the cancellation of Non-Tariff measures (NTMs and NTBs) and preparing the amendment to agricultural produce by cooperating with related agencies namely; Department of Fisheries, Department of Livestock Development, Department of Agriculture, Department of Rice, and National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards.
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